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be remembered as them and to turn the cleveland browns and to the baltimore ravens. charm city had been mourning the sudden departure of the colts that left the redskins the closest team. >> it brings a new life to a city that kind of gets beat down as a whole. >> he had a lot of success in the early years including an nfl championship. he was known as one of the driving forces behind the night football. he was very active in charities and causes. >> a man who cared about the committee. >> as popular as he is in much of maryland, he is unpopular in cleveland where fans have never forgiven him for moving the team away even though he always had great attendance and fan support. >> he said maryland offered him a stadium that cleveland wouldn't. after cleveland had got the new team and stadium. >> they have a wonderful situation going. >> many things people have been putting on twitter today are not as terrible. others show many are still angry. >> art modell is not in the football hall of fame and many people believe that was because of its controversial decision. but others th
....pwww...." but ffr cleveland browns fans....modelll passing re-ignited the pain of losing a team to baltimore. (1:05:22) (lewis brown) "i'm nnt gonna be rude but i will say they'd better not b ury him wihtin driving distance of cleveland.....!" but for baltimore'sslongtime foooball fans.....their world is a little dimmer tonight. (57:33) ""he man inspired us. ann thats what we''l miss......" 3 tonight, cleveland browns legend jim brown says he has forgiven art modell....and is encouraging fans to do the same. jjff abell, fox 45, news at five..... viewing arrangements have been set for art modell.this saturday... the modell family and the baltimore ravens invite fans to attend a silent tribute.mister modell's casket will be placed on the field at m and t bank staddum.the viewing will take place from 11 to one p-m.parking is free in lot b- .the event is free and all fans are encouraged to wear purple. here's... our question of the day. what... will be... art modell's legacy? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound...
. and an update on the a's player who went to the hospital . >>> the ownership of the cleveland -- owner of the cleveland browns, he became a major figure in the television contracts at the league. he helped start monday night football. in 1996, he couldn't make it financially anymore in cleveland, moved to baltimore, and became a reviled figure. not in the hall of fame because, the word is, a lot of people say the way he stole cleveland to move them to baltimore. but with time, should heal some of the memory of modell, and he will ron day reside in canton. >>> brandon jacobs do you feel for the sunday game in green bay. >>> woods and mcilroy. tieingering shoot -- tiger shoots 65 today. and mcilroy, he's at 64. woods at 65. that's going to be some weekend! >>> novak djokovic, the second seed, tweaked his back during his final match with juan martin. djokovic came back and won in three straight sets he want advances on. >>> 2-time warrior coach don nelson enters the basketball hall of fame in springfield, massachusetts. he has more wins than anyone in nba history. he talks about owner, ji
of the man who brought football back to basketball. >> art modell thought he would call cleveland home for the rest of his life. baltimore was returned to the nfl. but he was prevented from returning to cleveland for the rest of his life. >> ladies and gentlemen and friends of friends. >> modell never look back. he never try to hide how torn he felt about making the decision. >> no matter how promising baltimore is. i love the city of baltimore and i love the people. it is similar in makeup as it is in cleveland. but it hurt terribly to see that last game. >> only five seasons after bringing the nfl back to baltimore, modell dedicated the lombardi trophy to the city of baltimore. >> thank you very much. to the people of baltimore city, to the people in baltimore county, and to the state of maryland, this belongs to you. >> to let his more than 40 years in the nfl, modell's love of the game never wavered. he realize football would become a marriage of destiny. >> my passion for the game of pro football was new in those days. a thanksgiving day, 1934, the dodgers against the old giants.
cleveland, time-out. >> brad: cleveland trailing by ten. elite quarterback maybe, but not on the last drive. he's frustrated. broad broad ju minutes remaining. trailing by ten with 10:01 left. brandon weeden, the rookie quarterback, keeping his team in the hunt play action. up the middle. somebody got a hand on it, i think on his throwing arm. >> mike: he's probably lucky, baas webb was going to pick that off. that was a variation of the play where greg little just ran, came all the way across the field. you have a corner sitting here waiting for it this time, okay? excuse me, the safety is waiting for it, bernard pollard. it's a good thing that ball got knocked down right there by haloti ngata or a piece. >> brad: weeden has only officially been sacked once in 38 total drop-backs, but they've had a lot of pressure tonight. here comes some more. incomplete. >> mike: it's not always about sacks, like you just said. it's about getting pressure with varying looks. all three linebackers are coming. that's a big hit. here's three-man pressure. two of the three getting to the quarterback for the
. an interesting note to passalong. according to nbc sports, the cleveland browns will do some appropriate recognition of art modell's passing. that will be tricky in cleveland. they are consulting with the bleak. >> ravens fans are feeling extra out thankful today. and this is the first official purple friday of the season. we are live as they get ready for monday night's game. what's up? >> i will tell you what -- [cheering] this is the man right here. purple friday! yes, you are ready! the ravens bus was on the road before dawn this morning, getting fans fired up for another season of football. ♪ ravens cheerleaders were autographing calendars, getting their pictures taken, and doing what they do best -- getting the crowd in the spirit. >> here we go, ravens, here we go! >> ravens fans are amazing. they are following us everywhere. they are hanging out of the bar's. >> you love it, don't you? >> i love it, yes. >> this has been amazing. >> i cannot wait for monday night. between the ravens and the orioles, it is phenomenal. the city is on fire for our sports teams. >> everywhere today
-- he expected he would call cleveland home. financial struggles and uncooperative politicians brought him to baltimore. he was returned to the nfl. it prevented him from returning. >> he never looked back after making the move but he also never tried to hide how torn he felt making the decision that would shape his legacy. >> no matter how promising, i love the city of baltimore and the people here. there similar in make up here to baltimore as it is in cleveland. it hurt terribly to see the last game. >> only five seasons after clinging to the nfl back to baltimore and baltimore back to the nfl, he dedicated the trophy to the citizens of baltimore. >> think you very much. -- thank you very much. to the people in baltimore city, the people in baltimore county, and to the state of maryland, this belongs to you. >> his love of the game never wavered. from an early age, he recognized football and his life would become a marriage of passion and destiny. >> what brought me to begin with was my passion for football. i saw my first football game at this field in 1934. the dodgers against the
team. >> so true, so true. all eyes are on the stadium tonight as the ravens take on the cleveland browns. >> kickoff is about three hours from now. our team coverage begins with our sports director and a voice of the reasons live with the pre-game. >> tonight, gun will probably get a standing ovation because he is the regular referee to resume his duties tonight when the ravens take on the cleveland browns on the thursday night football. the ravens have had the upper hand to say the least. cleveland is 0 karbala and the ravens have all 18 games against cleveland. got a brand new cast with five rookies on offense, seeking -- featuring a running back fred richardson. >> [indiscernible] i have a lot of respect for that guy and his work ethic and what he brings to the table. >> the ravens have all lot of street bringing into this the game. the ravens fans have plenty to get excited about. this might be the first time in nfl history fans are excited about the referee that tailgate party. >> what is this world coming to? you are absolutely right. this is the second prime-time game in fo
in cleveland, actually. and one of the letters that he wrote talks about him going to school and graduate from central high school in cleveland. he came back to ohio and he wrote @booktv actually, he wrote [indiscernible] ball he was staying a hotel in cleveland. he considered himself in a higher rider. when the postage stamp that was tickets in a few years ago was launched the national launch was in cleveland , the ohio launch this year in ohio. a wonderful women's history and women's suffrage collection. one of the ohio people that actually ran for president before women had the right to go was victoria will. victoria was quite a character. she ran for president in 1873. her running mate was frederick douglass. she was a woman way ahead of her time. people often refer to her even as mrs. c. she believed women should have equal rights. she was the first -- she and her sister were the first women stockbrokers in this country. also the first woman to own a newspaper. pour in the small town in ohio. her father was sort of a shyster refer to him as the snake or a salesman. family was actually ran
to apply. we will reveal the results on 11 is at 5:00. >> a scathing report in a cleveland newspaper has art modell fans crying foul. >> details on the article that lately accuses the former raven's owner of lying. van at an an unimaginable tragedy for one family. and has been, his pregnant wife?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk >> a week after the passing of the former raven's owner, some in cleveland are calling him a liar. he had always maintained that he move the browns because the city would not build a new stadium. today's article in the plain dealer, two former cleveland politicians claim they offered a new stadium years before the move, and were turned down. the former city council president said he and other city officials proposed building a facility along with a baseball complex, but modell would not listen. forbes says he is speaking out now to set the record straight. my bill died last week at the age of 87. the driver of a tractor-trailer accused of causing a chain reaction crash that killed a gaithersburg family has been charged with four counts of manslaughter. it happened in western
-f-l.../ when ... he... bought... the cleveland browns ... in... 19-61... for... 4 million dollars...//he... moved... the team... to baltimore... in... 19-96...//. while... in... the league...he... would negotiate... the league's ... first... t-v contracts../.help... launch... monday night football../....and... n-f-l films.../.in ... 2004... he sold the ravens... to... steve bisciotti../. remaining... a... minority owner.../ modell... was... 87.../// there... are... great team owners...// and... bad... ones...// judging... from... whattthe... ravens say... tonite...// art... modell... was... áclearlyá... the former...// sports director... bruce... cunningham... joins... us... // &pwith... a ... ravens... tribute... tribute... even though they open the seaaon monday night, there was a veryysomber mood at the ravens' complex in owings mills...nddthat's underrtandable...theyyhad lost a giant figure in the histooy of the organization...and the nfl as well... former ravens owner aat modell died early thi
, they are really cute. >>> well he was beloved in baltimore, but in cleveland, oh, it was a whole different story. coming up both cities remember the former ravens and browns owner. >>> also ahead, the russian president will take to the skies to lead a flock of young birds in flight. didn't somebody make a movie about that? >>> but coming up next, preparing to accept the nomination for a second term. we'll go live to charlotte when we come back. >>> well, we are told that president obama is putting the finishing touches to his speech that he will deliver tonight at the national convention in charlotte. you probably saw it last night that the president is making the surprised appearance. clinton's speech took direct aim at the republican charge that president obama has failed to fix our can economy. and tonight, they will present their plan. the chance of severe weather for the convention organizers to move the speech from the large outdoor stadium to the arena and the first lady is willing to introduce joe biden and jill biden will deliver some sort of acceptance speech as well. joining us live,
the man behind the cleveland browns ... who later became the ravens when he brought the team to baltimore in 1996.mmdell was eighty- seven years old. 3 fans... are.. quick... to react ... to... the passing... of... art modell.../.. jeff abell... has been... gauging ...their reaction today. today..... (1:00:21) "i'll tell ya. art model died, i can't believe that....." throughhut the city, football fans were struggling with the news..... (58:54) (gregory compton) "i just heard about it 15-minutes ago....its just got me upset..... (53:30) (tt/museum) "the baltimore ravens....." at the sports egends museum, many fans remembered art modell as the godfather of baltimore football.....the owner who brought sundays back to baltimore. (47:00) (matt scott) "he coulda gone anywhere and he looked at all the citys and said, you know what, this is the city that i want...." (43:55) "we lost a friend actuully. when we lost him we lost a friend." (1:05:44) "what he pid underhanded, bacchanded and moved....pwww...." pbt for clevela
condtion... but a cleveland tv staaion is reporting ttat modell's vital organs are failing. they're closely monitoring his health just as we are.if you remember modell bought the cleveland browns for 4-million dollars backkinn1961... and moved the franchise to baltimmre in 1996.while he is still hated in cleveland for in baltimore... as a hero... - the man who brought the n-f-l back to chhrm city. :34 we worked hard to get here the transisition was unbeleavvale the humiliation and all that sttff in people here are magnificent i - can'' say enough about the people in this town townmodel sold a piece of the rrvens... to steve bisciotti in 2000... followed by the entire franchise four years laaer.but you might have poticed on the ravens current media guide... he is listed as a minority owner... retaining a 1 percent piece of the teem. he still loves watccing the ravensspractice... buu in recent years... the visits have been become a little more infrequent because of his health.his wife of 42-yeaas, patricia... diee last year. for art odell.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. less than a
the baltimore ravens and cleveland browns take the field tonight the nfl's regular officiating crews will be calling the game. at the stroke of midnight the league and referees ended a three month lockout of the officials. the deal was struck after two days of marathon negotiations and controversial call to the end of monday night's game. after a series of miscalls, run ins with coaches and players, and on field confusion, the nfl referees are heading to the sideline. the league and officials union agreed on a tentative eight year contract that will put the normal officiating crews back on field. goodell said we look forward to having the finest officials in sports back on field. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. >> green bay will have a hard time. >> the two sides got serious about the negotiations after monday night's game between the packers and seahawks, a blown call on the last play of the game cost green bay the victory. under the new deal the average pay for the league's refs will rise from $149,000 a year in 2011 to $173,000 next y
to just now take control of the offense. >> turning the job in cleveland with the browns hosting the eagles today. begin to trend richardson, a first-round draft pick. dumptruck. helmet destroying that 9-yard run. former terp, jackson with a pick 6. 4 interceptions on the date for michael vick. vick, this one on target, a touchdown pass with 1 minute 18 seconds left. the factory of sadness live on in cleveland, 17-16 eagles. rg3, what a debut. first quarter -- this is the red spends debut for also this player. -- redskins debut. gone, 88 yards. skins up 10-7. 3rd and goal. this did not flinch. 19 of 26, 2 td's and stunning the saints 40-32. much more tonight in sports. the ravens countdown is coming up tonight after 11 news after the game. we will see you then. >> the tallest volcano in nicaragua is erupting. it has spewed a plume of ash 2.5 miles high. now reports of injury or damage so far. they're just concerned for the health of local residents. >> outstanding weather. great football weather tomorrow night. high of 78 tomorrow. we will still be in the 70's when the game start
sox and detroit tigers entering wednesday's action. tied for first. chicago hosting cleveland. top of the eighth inning, the indians, first homer of the year to put cleveland up 6-4. that's the final score. detroit can take sole position of first place. tigers trail kansas city 4-1. after a solo shot in the fourth detroit comes back. bottom half of the frame, two00 homer. makes it 4-3. later in the inning, austin jackson tie it up here. that's a solo home run. we go to the eighth inning, looks like detroit, hits it and into an inning ending double play. and the go ahead run comes home. tigers win it 5-4. take over first place. in the national league the cardinals trying to hang on for the second wild card spot. but the astros complicates those plans. houston breaks a ten game losing streak against the cards with a 2-0 win. former cy young award winner gagne has leveled serious accusations against his teammates. he claims 80% of his teammates on the l.a. dodgers were using performance-enhancing drugs. but he didn't name any names. in 2010 he publicly admitted to using human growth h
or in cleveland. >> i think he should be remembered for creating a great learning center. the academic center was named for him. so when that ground was broke and when it finishes the construction in august of 2013 i think we can look at that when the library is in there and that there will be this legacy and love of learning that's renewed here at the school now. >> reporter: this is a school in southwest baltimore. every day close to 400 at risk children get a private boarding school education. the first class will graduate in two years and they have a new class starting out this year. the school is changing lives. next year the education center will openo, classroom space that will let the seed grow. >> talking about personal giving and caring and going out and doing things. it wasn't that he just gave the money and was to gracious that way. they gave money to saint vincent's, to have a thing for domestic violence social work. they gave to hopkins, here, they would go out and be there as well. it wasn't just the giving of the money but they were involved. >> the thing is that when he tal
of cleveland and back to the great lakes will rolled through here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. 81 today, and normal is 79. a little bit above normal in the afternoon, but the morning was cool and comfortable as 55 degrees. los 70 posey added far western maryland, and around 80 degrees in the baltimore area. it will be beautiful again tonight, mainly clear skies. calm winds and son set at 7:17. the front will come sliding through here and look at the temperature contrasts. 79 in cleveland right now to 68 in chicago. there are some showers on the western side of the front with wet weather approaching chicago. look at the very narrow band of showers. is a fairly weak area of rain that will come through here east of the mountains. does not look like it will be here until tomorrow night. not a bad looking friday. after sunset when we have that slight risk of a thunderstorm popping up. south wins during the day with waves about 1 foot. a huge temperatures drop in western maryland. the front arrives tomorrow afternoon with a 30% chance of a shower and highs only in the low 60 pose a satu
on their second a-f-c north opponent.tth cleveland browns. browns. the brownn aae ohhand-3.soundd pasy...but cleveland has stayed around every game... including a one poiit loss to the eagles in week's a physical team.with a youug offenss full of potential.once they put all 4 qqarters &ptogether and eliminate tuunovers.the offense is lee by tto rookies... running back trent richardson.and quarterback brandon weeden. 3 oriooes-toronto hilights and morgan adsit reports from uu tonight at 10:500and 11:30 --toss to vytas-- 3 33 3 the... age-oll mystery... that... dogs and cats... can't seem... to get llng --/ iss.. no longer true --/ in... . minnesota.that's because a doo has become mother tt a stray jordan.the four- ear- ld - pekingese nammd "mittens" has adopted the tiny feline ---andd is even producing milk. mittens' owner, patticia webee, says her grandson found the kitten in the family's barn and brought her into the immeeiately kicked into "mother""mode. 3 that's all for fox45 neww at next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten
baltimore and cleveland. live in the newsroom, jay korff. >> we will see what happens. coming up, madonna and her controversial comments about president obama. we will tell you what she is saying. first, a poll. class 41 days from election day. today seems to be one of the brightest for the obama campaign. a new poll by cbs news, "the new york times", and a university. boaters in three battleground states ohio, pennsylvania, and florida, showed obama ahead between 9% and 12%. both candidates were campaigning in ohio today. president obama accused romney of saying his approach is not credible. he also said romney profited from companies that ship jobs to china. as for the republican challenger, we are joined by dirty jobs host in a rally outside cleveland. he was talking about jobs and manufacturing. president obama may have swag,. but he lacks the ability to fix the u.s. economy. a week from tonight, mitt romney and the president will square off in their first debate. still to come on abc 7 news tonight,, is talking again. -- madonna is talking again. >> live in herndon. >> heartbreak in
gunned down in chicago with murder rate in atlanta, milwaukee, and cleveland. you can imagine what the ima president didn't tell everybody is that chicago has theheerybod strictest gun laws in this country. the number of murders nowhere near those other cities, far, far greater. example.for atlanta with 42 murders this year. that is down, by the way, 9%.n % new orleans, has had nearly 90 murders. new orleans, 90. milwaukee, -- milwaukee is, for a town and city of its size, 41 murders. >> i think i could clean that up. i could line up a little better. it is a 15% decline. 15% decline. and that is kind of impressive, ,on't you think?impessive 18% in the past year. yet, the president mentioningond these cities -- cleveland, lastd year, cleveland. clcleveland had 59 murdleveland. cleveland had 59 murders. last year alone. nearly 30% of the decline from the previous year.ear so let's take a look at chicago. so far this yeart . itlf chicago service by itself here.i chicago, so far this year, has had at least 284 murders. 284. i an increase of more than 30%. it is actuallye a 3
block of park heights avenue in baltimore. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> the cleveland browns will pay an appropriate recognition to modell. they say they want to show respect to the modell family, as well as the cleveland community. stay tuned. many of you are remembering art modell on facebook. you can see more pictures of art and his family on our website -- >> as the city prepares to say goodbye to a local and national football legend, it is time for another season. >> that's right. be ravens are rowdy and ready to go. i am not sure if it is in that order. do not worry. we are not neglecting the o's. >> is a big night. we will go out to you first for the first of many purple friday's. >> i am here in glen bernie. -- burnie. the raven stands are ready for some football. they play cincinnati. they are ready -- ♪ it is the first purple friday of the season. fans came from all over. even raven's cheerleaders. the fans were getting ready for football. >> i am ready. >> i am excited. go ravens! >> i'm ready. let's go ravens! whoo-hoo! >> and everyone is optimistic
of a one of a kind white house event for that was the day first lady francis cleveland gave birth to esther the first and to this day the only presidential child to be born inside the executive mansion. her father was president grover cleveland who though often overlooked today had other firsts to his credit. ♪ our gallant cleveland is the man ♪ ♪ democrats good democrats >> osgood: in 1884 he became the first democrat to be elected president since james buchanan 28 years before. in 186 cleveland became the first and only president to be married inside the white house. taking as his bride 21-year-old francis fullsome, 28 years his junior. after losing the 1888 presidential election to benjamin harrison, grover cleveland won the rematch four years later to become the first and only man to win two nonconsecutive terms making him officially the 22nd and the 24th president. president cleveland did not have a happy second term. the country plunged into depression on his watch and republican william mckinley won the 1896 election by a landslide. still that's not the end of the cleveland sto
for everything she does. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and willie geist is here. al is out in cleveland. we'll check in with him in just a little while. this half hour, you're talking about the florida gators. >> but not the football team. >> which ones then? >> the ones that are apparently becoming v.i.p.s at children's birthday parties. i guess it's quite the trend in florida, and it appears to be -- would you do it? we'll talk about that and something called bagel botox. bagel botox. do you know who it is? >> i do know what it is. >> give us a little more. >> apparently the trend is getting a bagel shape in your head by injecting botox. >> why? >> maybe a little cream cheese on top of it. >> i like that. >> a little salt and onions, how delicious. >> what's worse, that or having alligators at your kids' birthday party and the hottest stories on line. lady gaga coming clean and talking about her battle with bulimia and anorexia since she was a teenager and rihanna's tweets open to the public to ex-boyfriend chris brown and the buzziest internet news. then we'll have high and low-end r
" is next question. natalie, thank you. mr. roker is on the road in cleveland at the historic west side market which is celebrating a big anniversary. al, good morning. >> that's right. it's the centennial of the west side market. i was here last night to help the northeast ohio adoption services agency raise some funds, but the west side market, great place to get all sorts of food. a great place to visit if you're here in cleveland. unfortunately, our satellite imagery is a little shaky today. that's because we lost the national weather service's goes 13 satellite right during the hurricane season. the good news is there is a backup. there's the goes 14 and 15. no word when goes 13 goes back online. let's show you what we've got going on. watching a line of showers and thundershowers. radar working fine along this front. heavy thunderstorms from hockey hockey all the way into western pennsylvania, and as you look at the futurecast, you can see all along this system heavy rain starts to develop. it moves into the northeast later today, on into tonight. rainfall amounts. some of the rai
the cleveland browns. when they started losing money in the '90s, he packed up the gear and moved it to maryland. the ravens were born. he has been hated in cleveland, but others know a man who cared about each of them, team and staff. >>> we had that moment when we wish the speed limit was higher on the high way. pretty soon on a front mile stretch of road in central texas between austin and san antonio will increase the 85 miles per hour. when it opened in november, texas state highway 130 will have the highest speed limits in the country. the texas has 80 miles per hour speed limits in highways in west texas. >> i don't know if my car can go that fast. >>> coming up on 9 news now -- >>> sunday morning on "biocentury this week," which medicines heal and which fail. the government is spending billions to find out. join us for conversation on comparative effectiveness research. watch "biocentury this week" [ no audio ] the dow this morning is at 13,292. the highest level in four years. up 244 points. not so bad. the and. >>> both presidential candidates will have a new talking point later today.
and the cleveland browns passed away this morning at the age of 87. now, they bought them way back in 1961 and that was before he moved the team to baltimore for the start of the season here with a lot of fans in cleveland, well, they never forgave him for that, but the players and coaches, past and present, they remember a man who cares deeply about each and every one of them. >>> keeping students safe or big invasion of privacy. a couple of schools now have a way of tracking students at all times. it is their i.d. they've got tracking trips in them. 4,200 students are taking part in this pilot program, even as we speak. many of them, their parents are not too happy about it. in fact, one teacher calls the tracking shift, the mark of the beast. they probably wouldn't like it though. >>> all right, the weather was not pretty outside today, but in fact we saw some rain drops fall on our heads. but the sun came out later. topper will be here in a few minutes to let you know which picture will last into the weekend. but we'll hear from the elderly woman attacked from a beaver here in the late
will meet the cleveland browns tonight, stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, savannah, well, the fans pouring into the stadium are relieved. tonight, they get real, full-time nfl referees. now they won't vote on the deal until saturday, but the lockout was lifted today. you can bet every call they make here tonight will be closely watched. there is added excitement in baltimore, america's game desperately needed a good call. late wednesday night, it got one. the tentative deal struck between the owners and the official union and the three-week incident on the football field. tonight, the replacement referees are out, and the regular ones are in. not a moment too soon, say many at the stadium. >> guys, great job, go for it. >> i am sure they are nice people, they tried their best, they're in way over their head. >> reporter: the pressure was on for the nfl commissioner, roger goodell, to get it fixed. they missed an interference call and gave seattle a controversial win over green bay. >> i think it was the fact they kept pushing us, this was the right thing for the game, the
, the players at last night's baltimore/cleveland game were not the only ones being cheered on. i bet you can guess who was. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. never in the history of sports have referees felt so welcome. you asked for it and here they are. the refs made their triumphant return given a standing ovation cheered on just about every call. as for the game, it got off to a bruising start. josh cribbs returned the punt. look out. leveled by two players, lost his helmet and was out like a light. remained down for several minutes. thankfully he got up under his own power and walked off the field. baltimore gave cleveland headaches all night. joe flacco to torrey smith, an 18-yard strike. ravens up 9-7 at the half. for the past decades the ravens have had one of the best defenses in the league and here is why. kerry williams picked off brandon weeden 63 yards the other way. baltimore went on to win it 23-16. >>> doesn't look good for the nhl. the players have been locked out for 13 days, and yesterday the league canceled the ent
in declining health for the past few years. the former n.f.l. owner was vilified in cleveland after moving the old cleveland browns to baltimore back in 1996. the team was renamed the ravens. modell was also a driving force behind monday night football. >>> still to come when we come back, the doctors are in. coming up in about 20 minutes, i go one on one with dr. travis stork. stay with us. we'll be back and we'll also tell you what's being done in our region to battle the nationwide spike in the number of west nile virus cases. glrs starting tonight, the maryland -- starting tonight, the maryland department of agriculture is stepping up its fight against the west nile virus. they'll begin spraying to kill mosquitoes in some fakeds. over the -- some neighborhoods. over the next week, there will be extra spraying in harundel county and the milford area of baltimore county. ed payne reports west nile cases are spiking around the country. >> reporter: 70% of the cases are in six states. texas is the hardest hit. the state is battling the source: mosquitoes, by ground and by air. in brownsvil cleveland rankinhigh point, nc 1:56-2:00 "i thinn it helps the city and he local economy wherever these conventions are held, so it's double benefit."but to othersa& can you juutify spending that kind of moneya& in these tough economic times?5:47 "not if everything is going to be herea it's a big commerciil then, isn't it?" in all likelihood, the bii conventions aren't going anywherea&(more floor nats?) abut will democrats and republicans be able to keep selling them to the american peopll? in the last... 10 electionsa /a&the... amount... of that federal subsidy... given to each party... for its convvntion ... has... gone from... twoo milliona to... 18-million dollars..../ and ... it's... likely going... to get higher... in future elections some storms on the way this weed weekendmeteorologist emily gracey is here ...,,,eeily... whaa's in store for us tomorrow the one thing about art modell.. that defies common senseafter the break at what age is the color that your skin was meant to be no longer beautiful? every year, millions with and
play... cleveland uarterback brandon weeden overthrew everybody in the end zooe giving the ravves a 23-16 win...theepurple and black are 3-and-1 after the first 44gaaes... ann a big night for running back jamal lewis .....ho of honor.. a first round pick inn2000,,lewis won a super bowl his rookie year and wounn lladiig rusher with over 78- hundred yards.. he also leeds in touchdowns with 45... fiveedead in a workppace shooting..... what witnesses are saying about the gunman... and what may have set hhm off.. 3 police cruiser crashes into a house..... whatt caused the officer to lose &pcontrol.... and what happenee and a race agginst ttme..... what crews did to rescue a baby deer stuck in a &pmanhooe. 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- fivv people are dead after a workplace shooting in minnesota. you can signage company in minneepolis ... where a man opened fire.... killing four peeple peforeeturning the gun on himself.a wommnnwho lives near theebusinees, said one worker took shelter in her hhuse. , of the garage to the front and asked my husband if he could use the phone and said he was runnnng
will be the ravens game when they host the cleveland browns. those replacement refs would have been on the field had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were underfire for the questionable call that gave the sea hawks the win over the green way packers. for weeks now coaches, players and fans have been frustrated with the officiating by the replacement refs. this tentative 8 year deal gives the regular e refs, better way, pension and benefit packages. football fans and ravens fans, they couldn't have come sooner. >> i'm looking to what they have to bring back in relationship to what we've had the past couple of weeks. the strikes, you know, i'm glad it's over. but it's something that they felt they had to do, and, you know, they're officiating million dollar players. >> the real refs will be back on the field tonight for their first assignment at m and t bank when the ravens host the cleveland browns and we've learned they'll be o -- officiating all of sunday's game. >>> a 4-year-old boy and h
's ravens win against the cleveland browns. this is the first time since last season that the regular referees were on call. the ravens came in as a 13. favorite but it and of being a close game. they get the ninth straight win over cleveland and the third of the season. a task force will be reviewing the speed and a red light cameras two weeks after the city reported they brought in $19.20 million. the purpose is to ensure the effectiveness of the cameras and the impact on public safety corporate -- on public safety. there will be safety experts, school board representatives, and a.a.a. on the board. two more deadly shootings to report. in both cases, female victims. the latest before 9:00 last night on south agusta avenue where a 19-year-old was found inside a car and suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. another woman was shot and killed nearby on seamon. they believe she picked up the customer as part of a sedan service. no word in either case for a suspect or possible motive. >> the number of students taking advanced placement class's has tripled at north county high school
. cleveland will arrive with a rookie quarterback and rookie running back. that can be a dangerous combination. four years ago, he had a rookie quarterback and rookie running back and won all of games, including against the cleveland browns. >> it's a first time for everything and you don't know how they're going to respond and they don't know how they're going to respond. same with the rookies we have now. >> much more on the ravens coming up tonight when our special guest will join us. he will enter the raven's ring of honor and he will talk about that and more. you can hear our interview and see our interview with him tonight at 10:30 this evening. the dustup over replacement officials gets bigger and louder night after night. president obama weighed in, saying he hopes to see a regular referees' return soon. after the monday night meltdown, why not? let's take you back to the final play -- seattle with a hail mary and the refs missed blatant pass interference and then missed jennings getting possession of the ball first, called a touchdown, didn't overturn it on review and the seahawks won
the ravens up 23-10. cleveland heights back and has a chance to tie it. they miss a hail mary but paul kruger was called for a personal foul which gives me one more shot to the browns. a near heart attack for everyone here. in the end, cleveland could not complete the comeback. ravens win 23-16. ntc did not hear, last night's game featured the track the return of the real referees' last night. the fans greeted the referees with cheers, a refreshing change of pace. you could almost hear every player, coach, an employee and fans saying welcome back to the officiating crew. especially those for the head coach, who still had some critiques. >> welcome back to the officials. good to have you guys. you guys are really good. the communication was good. did not agree with every call. i would love to know what happens on the last one that gave them the extraplanetary have not seen it yet. i heard about it. but they were excellent. >> before last night's game the ravens teamed up with national skin care cancer awareness association. the melanoma exposed campaign set up screening tens and had dermatolog
at m and t bank stadium when the ravens host the cleveland browns. couldn't be better time. those replacement refs would have been on the field had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were under fire for the questionable call that gave the saw hawks the win over the green bay packers. after that call the two sides got serious about negotiations. coaches players and fans have been frustrated with the o -- officiating by the refs. for football fans especially those ravens fans, it couldn't have come sooner. >> that's awesome. i mean, ravens were directly affected in their second game of the season with a loss that was an obvious bad call, even by replay. the defender didn't even turn around to even know where the ball was going and they called a push off on the offensive player and that was not so. >> so the official refs will be back on the field tonight for their first assignment at m and t when the ravens take on the cleveland browns. they'll be officiating all the games on
, tonight when baltimor plays host to the cleveland browns. we sent out lynette -- linda so. they say some have woken up to an early christmas gift. >> reporter: we have been talking to fans all morning and they said it couldn't come at a better time had the nfl not reached the agreement with the refs, those replacement refs would have been on the field. you probably remember what happened monday night with that questionable call when things came to boiling point, those replacement refs were under fire for that call that gave the sea hawks the win over the green bay packers. it was after that missed call that the two sides really got serious about these negotiations. for weeks now coaches, players and fans had been frustrated with the officiating by the replacement retches. this 8 year deal gives the regular refs, better patience pension and benefit packages. for football fans it couldn't have come sooner. >> that's awesome. the ravens were directly affected in their second game of the season with a loss that was an obvious bad call even by replay. the defender didn't even turn around to e
's excctementt..and focus on their second a-f-c north opponent.the cleveland browns. browns. &pthe browns are oo-and-3.sound easy...but cleveland has stayed round every game... pncluding a one oint loss to the eagles in week's aa together and eliminate al.once 3 by two rookies... running back trent richardson.and 3 3 and around here thht means anothereditioo of our prep player of the week in ii's 3rd decade, it has honored the area'' finest high schoolathletes since wwy ack back oo thh football field... 3 it's now time to announce the candidates in our high school game of the week contest... brought to you by varsiiy can vote for the game you'd like to see highlights of.... school game of the week...-'s thii week's slate of games for friday seetember 28tt...curley vists st. paul's in football... catonsville travels to hereford on the grid iron... ffllston hosts c. milton mcdonogh meets spaldinn in girls soccer...we'll announce the winner on thursday night... that'll o it for this edition of sports unlimited...ttanks for jjining us.i'm bcand be sure to tune in
. they will hold the cleveland browns. wbal tv 11 has a front row seat. live coverage begins tomorrow night right here at 7:00. >> let's not forget the os' and the post-season bush. -- push. >> talk about a dazzling display of offense. homer, homer! >> 11 sports team to join this live from the stadium. >> it got a little bit tense here at camden yards. they lost three out of four games. the fifth inning. spilling 2-1. it was kind of quiet. then jim will things up and got everybody off their seats as he went. he has hit 19 home runs here. but his first as an oriole. that tied the game at 2. mr. chris davis. there he goes. a 31 shot. 2 home runs in the game. 28 of the season. nine of them against the toronto blue jays. the first time the baltimore orioles have hit seven home runs at a home game in front of more than 26,000 fans. they are thrilled that what they saw. coming up later, we will check in with that and see how tonight's game -- they remain in the thick of the post season hunt. >> coming up, is the city responsible for moving in front yard protest displays without a home owner's knowledge
over from cleveland, but left the name of the browns and records back there and restarted the franchise here in 1996. second down and 14. flacco. incomplete. mccourty is there, gregory comes over to help. another flag is thrown and intended once more for torrey smith. >> cris: that is going to get them out of the hole if that is against the patriots. those little five yard penalties but you get the first down are. >> referee: holding, defense, number 32. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: mccourty. >> cris: here we go, out here. >> al: you tell me. >> cris: wow. wow. guys, keep negotiating, will you. >> al: first and ten. that is caught by jacoby jones! and he takes it out to the 42 yard line. tackle by gregory. under six to play. 21-yard gain. >> cris: jacoby jones has really added an element. whenever against the baltimore ravens, it was deal with the running back ray rice coming back and deal with torrey smith but didn't have the deep threat on the other side. now they do and he has really helped the ravens oh. >> al: from the 42 yard line. flacco good protection. to the
. chicago a 54 degrees and 51 in cleveland. we won't be heating up a whole lot. cleveland 70 degrees. even in new york city 73 degrees for a high temperature. feeling cooler across portions of the great lakes and the northeast. if we head westbound we are still looking at hot temperatures. rapid city 98 degrees for your high. as far as rain fal goes much quieter across parts of the eastern sea board over the weekend. we had a lot of cold weathe-- s weather. muchbout across the southeast. dry day without a sunshine. very quiet over the pass. it is so dry that we have an elevated fire danger in place also red flag warnings in effects. >> by the way happy birthday. >>> the time right now 10 after the hour navy seals is tienlly speaking. >> when you say you engaged him what do you mean? >> fired. >> the you shot him. >> a full recap of his member meant straightaway. a it was an aftermath all caught on tape. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small busine
but we will be rebounding nicely back into the 70s. 74 for a high 79 in cleveland. we have hot temperatures across portions of the midwest.l be th this afternoon in minneapolis. 91 kansas city and 90s across the state of texas. we are talking about dry conditions across the east with high pressure in the eastern half the country. nool the rockies light early this morning. quickly want to point out further west across portions of the midwest we have strong winds along with the dry conditions and hot temperatures. there is an el grated fire danger. >> maria molina, thank you. >>> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, job creation. it has been the focus of the presidential election. but turns out the race could actually be hurting it. we will tell you what is holding the companies back from hiring. >>> a real and scary moment during the live broadcast of monday night raw. a member of the wwe family collapses live on the air. we will have that. you >> 14 after the hour. the white house is knocking down a report from the government accountability institute tha
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